Volume 1
Introduction to Project Management

by Mike Grable

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the application of knowledge, experience, skills, processes, and techniques toward specific activities to meet a project’s requirements. Project Management is successful when these tools are applied consistently and at the appropriate intervals as demanded by the phase or objective of project. The role of the project manager, as the person assigned by the organization to lead the project team towards achievement of the project objectives. A project manager should be competent and possess the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of project management processes and methodologies
  • General awareness of the business environment. For example, a real estate development project is built for longevity, in a specific market, for a certain user-type, with the objective to earn profits (thru rent) and appreciate in value.
  • Understanding of the technical aspects of the project. For example, knowledge of how a building is designed and built
  • The ability to recognize information that is required and know how to procure it
  • Skills required to lead a project team, coordinate the work, collaborate with stakeholders, solve problems, and know how to get timely decisions made
  • Ability to develop and manage scope(s), schedules, budgets, resources, risks, opportunities, plans, communications, presentations, and reports
  • Display a positive attitude, energy, leadership, integrity, and strong ethics

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Volume 2:
Performing as an Owner’s Representative

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Volume 3:
Introduction to Construction Management

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