Butler Tech Natural Science Center

Monroe, Ohio

The Natural Science Center was constructed on Butler Tech’s Monroe, OH campus.  The new state-of-the-art school b includes vet science labs, equestrian stables and riding area, classrooms, administrative offices, food service, and student amenities.

The project was developed in cooperation with the Butler Tech and City of Monroe School Boards, Senior School Leadership, Administration, Instructors, and Students.  The project was built on the site of a working farm and utilized multiple renewable energy sources, including geothermal, solar, and wind, and qualified for Lead Gold Certification.

Project Details

Construction Budget: $12.4 million

Area: 2 Story 25,000 SF, 10 Acre Site

Client: Butler Tech

Construction Manager: Skanksa

Architect & Rendering: MSP Design

Services: Lead Project Manager (Design), Needs Assessment, Master Planning, Budget Development.