Due Diligence & Needs Assessment

Domus will assist in identifying the constraints, risks, and opportunities of your site to quickly determine the strength and viability of your development project.

We can procure all the required services with our local, consulting partners, prepare scopes of work, negotiate contracts, and compile the results in a comprehensive Due Diligence Report.  Our focus is to minimize the client’s wasted time and resources and move the project forward.

Some typical services we can lead and procure to quickly determine project viability and help secure financing.

  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Title Search
  • Site Survey
  • Site Evaluation and Assessment
  • Zoning Studies
  • Legal Review
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Evaluation of Tax Incentives
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Environmental Studies
  • Waterway/Wetlands Investigation
  • Traffic Studies
  • Archeological Investigation
  • Historic Constraints
  • Market Studies
  • Public Interest or Concerns
  • Infrastructure Access
  • Public Utility Access
  • Existing Building Conditions Assessment
  • Demolition Constraints
  • Preliminary Project Budgets
  • Preliminary Site Planning

Support the owner in determining its project goals, expectations, site requirements, schedule, budget, aesthetic, and environmental/community related concerns.  Lead the project team in data analysis and prepare the design to meet these needs.

  • Project Mission and Vision
  • Due Diligence Report
  • Financial Requirements / Budget
  • Preliminary Schedule
  • Use, Size and Function of all Buildings
  • Site Development Requirements
  • Aesthetic Requirements
  • Desired Building Materials
  • Technology Needs
  • Environmental Goals
  • Key Stakeholder Input
  • Community Input
  • Other Special Requirements