The Current State of our Industry.

We understand that in the current state of commercial real estate development and construction, chaotic factors lurk around every corner: Architects and engineers have become increasingly specialized to reduce risk and shrink their responsibilities. Our regional contractors have too much work and not enough labor or people with experience and leadership skills. Industry-wide employee attrition and baby boomer brain-drain have left a void of experienced content experts and project managers. We recognize the pressures of supply chain volatility and acknowledge that interest rates and material and labor escalation threaten the budget of every project.

We know that developers’ frustrations occur when these factors contribute to unexpected cost over-runs and delayed occupancy. At Domus, the guiding principle is always that our next word or next action will help advance order amongst the chaos. It will protect our client’s budget and schedule to ensure their success.

Success requires skill, teamwork, and effective leadership. The Domus team is developing and writing complete process maps for setting up and managing the entire life cycle of a real estate development project for success. These are some of the vital ingredients that guide The Domus Advantage to bring lasting value to each building project that we lead. STAY TUNED for more come!

Real Estate Development is a lengthy and complex process.  With a birds-eye view, we are better able to avoid costly missteps by developing a comprehensive plan that accounts for all the tasks necessary to achieve success.

Through responsible, proactive leadership, we work with our client’s team to oversee every aspect of project delivery.  From day one we establish clear objectives for all team members and then hold them accountable.  This Leadership eliminates wasted time, reduces conflict, and increases speed of delivery.

Highest returns come from projects that maintain their value over long periods, becoming a reliable source of income and sustainable growth.  When owners are forced to cut corners to save time or money, value suffers.  We manage design and construction costs throughout the project life cycle to safeguard quality and maximize long-term value of your capital investments.