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Project Management

Our diverse team of Project Managers have over ninety years’ experience in executing all phases of project design and management on over $600 million in construction projects. We leverage our experience in architecture, engineering, interior design, construction management, HVAC, specification writing, and real estate development to deliver successful projects and exceed our Clients’ expectations, every time.

Domus has saved its Clients up to 6% in cost avoidance and construction expenses. We continuously “mine” for future cost risks and savings opportunities at every phase of each project by utilizing our review and tracking system:

  • Perform a constructability review at the design development and construction document phases
  • Mine for value alternatives in design, construction, and material selections
  • Identify risks before they occur, reducing future change orders, surprising cost increases, and project delays
  • We identify and address the top five reasons for construction cost increases before execution of the contract, by:
    • Finding gaps between the contractor’s scope and the construction documents
    • Identifying and correcting misallocated allowances
    • Correcting inaccurate and unclear Assumptions and Clarifications
    • Clearly define design-build scopes and Owner provided costs
    • Reviewing and enhancing the language of the construction contracts
  • We hire and train expert Project Managers so our clients can focus on what they do best
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Owners Representation

Owner’s Representation

We utilize our strong Project Management methods and systems, to provide a particular focus on development and construction projects for owners and real estate developers. We come to the table as experts, representing our Clients in a leadership role at every phase of due diligence, design, construction, and asset management.

By leveraging our unique skill sets and experience, we can support all phases of a development/construction project or customize our services to plug in exactly where you need us.

Due Diligence

  • Evaluate existing site and building conditions
  • Evaluate existing building systems and components
  • Assist in the procurement of the architect and engineering (A/E) teams
  • Review and support execution of A/E contracts
  • Assist in feasibility studies
  • Budget development

Design & Preconstruction Phase

  • Administer the RFP/RFQ process and procurement of the general contractor
  • Design assist and constructability reviews of drawings and specifications
  • Monitor and track project budget against design and drawings progress
  • Actively mine for risks and opportunities within the design and construction documents
  • Lead the value alternative efforts for design, materials, and construction details to save costs
  • Review the Contractor’s budget to uncover errors, scope gap and misallocated allowances
  • Define design/build scopes and confirm costs
  • Lead the exploration for right-fit building systems like HVAC, technology, and security
  • Thorough review and confirmation of Contractor’s Assumptions and Clarifications
  • Hold Contractor accountable for building systems coordination like MEPFP, building envelope, and technologies
  • Represent Client during project bidding and establishment of the Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Review and support the negotiation and execution of the AIA construction agreements

Construction Phase

  • Represent Client at all meetings including the Contractor’s progress meetings
  • Monitor project documents including RFIs and submittals
  • Monitor and track Contractor’s cost against the GMP
  • Provide monthly cost updates to the Owner, including projected risks, savings opportunities, and projected Cost to Complete
  • Evaluate, negotiate and make recommendations of requests for changes in the work
  • Manage Change Order Log and provide monthly update
  • Dispute resolution
  • Address challenges and construction issues and lead the best path forward to resolution
  • Review and monitor monthly pay applications
  • Conduct site visits to observe work and conformance to the documents
  • Oversee Contractor’s monthly progress reports and documentation

Close Out

  • Administer punch list development and monitor corrective actions taken in satisfactory manner
  • Assist in the maintenance training programs and operations manual procurement
  • Administer procurement of all required as-built drawings, warranties, and close-out documents
  • Review final budget, Domus’s Lesson’s Learned Register, and Post-Project interview with Client
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Construction Administration

Construction Administration

Our team members can represent you during the Construction Administration phase of your project by implementing the following tasks:

  • Administer submittal review between the contractor, architect and engineers
  • Construction observation
  • Review change order requests and make recommendations
  • Schedule adherence
  • Review contractor’s pay applications
  • Written reports, Issue tracking, and lessons learned
  • Review adherence to the Construction Documents
  • Problem solving and dispute resolution
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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

We hire high-functioning architectural, engineering, real estate, and construction professionals and expand their skill sets into laser-sharp project managers and owner’s representatives. Domus’s project managers can expand your capabilities, support, and plug-in to your project needs and augment exactly where your staff needs assistance.

We hire and train our expert project managers so our Clients can focus on what they do best. Let’s review the needs for your next large project and together, we can customize our scope of services to maximize your protection and profitability.
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Project Management

Capital Projects and Asset Management

Our unique and diverse backgrounds naturally come with a vast quantity of expertise and experience in a broad range of building systems and components. From parking garages and elevators, to roofing, masonry restoration, and mechanical equipment, we have led the charge for real estate owners in executing millions of dollars in capital improvements and asset management projects.

Our design, construction, and management experience afford us the knowledge to lead your project from feasibility studies, scope of work and budget development to bidding, contractor procurement, project execution, and close-out.
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